Water Element Dates

Quick Shower

Long Bath

Deep Soak

90 minutes - 500$

A 90 minutes experience where I will join you during your shower at the start of our date at my place or yours.

2 hours - 650$

A 2 hours encounter including the use of my bath tub, where we can soak together. Picture me seating between your legs with a soapy sponge. Before or after we ruffle the sheets.

3 hours - 1000$

A 3 hours Rendez-vous at a private luxury residence with a Very Large Tub, champagne and delicious food for us to enjoy. Picture me getting up from the water, soaking wet sitting on the kitchen counter, you between my legs as I am feeding you grapes...


Longer Rendez-vous for Exploration

Sci-fi and Chill

Up to 3hr - 650$

Complete with some popcorn, long nights are perfect for a little Netflix and Chill.
I cannot guarantee to not get distracted during the movie.

Culinary Universe

Up to 3hr- 850$

Up to 3hrs experience including a great meal. We can cook together, you can watch me or we order.
Regardless, we know what is for dessert

Dusk to Dawn

12 hours - 2,000$

8pm to 8am.
Perfect to give you more than just a taste and short enough to leave you wanting for more. Social time in public is included or we could spend all our time in your favorite room.

Spaceship Vacation

Starts at 3,000$ a day

Real freedom starts when the clock stops.

Let's get away in our own little world and make discoveries. 

1,000$ per additional day


Ephemeral Moments

Sometimes we have a certain thirst, an itch a need for something but we are short on time. Before your day starts, in between meetings, during a quick lunch break or right before getting home is always the perfect time for a short date where we create sparks.

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30 minutes - 200$

Unforgettable experience where we can consume each other in a heartbeat and hopefully repeat.

60 minutes - 300$

This explosive sensual, voluptuous stolen moment of bliss will leave both of us wanting for more.

90 minutes - 450$

Let me start by pouring you a glass of your favorite drink, I want to know how many times we can both erupt in pleasure.


Dark Side of the Moon

Some days, my imagination runs wild and I really want to have an experience that is out of this world. Would you come with me? My curiosity for anything hedonistic brought me to the dark side of the moon. There my preference is for Sub/Dom, voyeurism, exhibitionism, role play, dressing up or anything that tickles your fancy.






Role Play

Starts at 350 per hour

Watching and being seen is an exhilarating sensation. Let's explore it together, after extensively discussing our desires and level of comfort.

Starts at 400$ per hour

I cannot lie, behind this sweet innocent smile, there is a brat hidden in the shadows. Maybe you can make her come out to play. or Maybe I will have you worship my favorite body part. Who knows, let's find out our desires

Starts at 650 for 2 hours

Some relationships are forbidden. But not here anymore, all inhibitions are left at the door and you can finally actualise all the fantasies you have. I may be your step daughter or mother, English teacher or student maybe even from a different world. We decide.