Through the Telescope

Online, Text and Call

We have all learnt that a little distance is necessary. The new normal does not mean that your needs have suddenly disappeared. 
I am available even while socially distanced with virtual services


Note that I will not share photos of my face to protect my privacy

Client 6


Do you want to see your phone buzzing with activity and messages from me?

This option gives you just that. I am available to text your from 9am to 10pm every day. Discover who is the lady behind the screen

Investment of 75$ per hour or 200$ per day

Client 5

Phone calls

Do you miss my sultry soft voice? 

You can hear me tell you all the things I wish we could do together. Phone calls have to be scheduled and I am available from 9am to 9pm every day. 

Investment of 50$ per 15 mins

Client 3

Ultimate text, call and private pictures bundle

Do you want it all?

With this option, we truly get intimate.

I will send you every morning a private personalized selfie from my bed. We can text throughout the day and talk on the phone twice per day for a maximum of 30 minutes each time. 

Investment of 300$ per day