Star Gazing

Sweet and Short Encounters

You will find in this section information on encounters between 1HR to 4 HR. I will not see anyone for less than 1HR. The longer we spend together, the more pleasure...

Client 2

Visit to the Culinary Universe

Wow, I do miss going out, things truly have changed. But it does not mean that we can’t enjoy a private dinner together. Let me cook for you and have an intimate dinner date.

This 4 hours visit to the culinary universe includes 2 hours of cooking/dinner and 2 hours of exploration.

You are expected to provide the ingredients if I come to you. If you are up to the challenge we can even cook together. I have to warn you, I see the kitchen as a playground 😈

Investment of 800$

Client 6

Stargaze and Chill

Aren’t they pretty, all the stars in the sky?

How about we cuddle up by the TV and pick the movie stars that will grace our screen for the evening. Complete with some popcorn, winter nights are perfect for a little Netflix and Chill.

I cannot guarantee to not get distracted by your body during the movie. 😈

This 3 hours visit includes a movie and some of our own exploration.

Investment of 600$

Client 7

Basic Appointments

Shooting star - 1 hour

Sometimes the most impressive events are the short and powerful ones. Be careful, you may blink and miss it.

Investment of 300 $

Meteor Shower - 90 minutes

This is my sweet spot for something short but substantial. The show is just long enough to leave me panting and wanting more.

Investment 450$

Eclipse - 2 hours

To Savour and Devour everything. Think of it as a tasting menu that you get to enjoy for a couple hours. 

Investment 550$ 

Client 1

Touring your City

when I am on a tour to your city:
Toronto - Ottawa - Vancouver - Halifax, please add 100$ to my hourly rate.
Thank you