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What Happens When You Come to See Me?๐Ÿ‘€

I get this question quite often, and I am sure that you are very curious about how thing happen, how does the magic and the spark starts once you arrive to my location.

Wether it will be your first time with a professional, or you just want to know how I flow. Here is a little breakdown of how it goes in general.


- Arrival -

As you must already know, I love a man with a plan that arrives on time. I usually would sent you my address the night before or the morning of so that you could let me know when you would be on your way by text message. I may ask you for a photo of the building before you walk in as a precaution. Once you have told me you are here, I would give you my room number and explain how to get in discretly. When you are at the door, don't be afraid to know or text me to let me know. I will happily open the door for you to start making magical moments.


- The First Contact -

Touch is important to me, so I will most likely give you a big hug to welcome you. I usually wear lingery covered by my silk robe. I like to stay modest and still give a big hint of sensuality as we start. Unless we agreed on something specific for me to wear before-hand, I usually wear a variation of what you have seen on my photos.

After our first touch, I will let you know where you can drop you coat or anything you have with you. We'll walk in to the living area and this is your time to put on the counter any gifts or donations you have for me. It is best that you don't make me ask for it, or remind you. Once it is placed on the counter, I will guide you to the shower.


- The Shower -

For the most liberating and free experience between you and I . I require you to take a shower as you arrive. There is no worse turn off than having to comment on your hygiene in the heat of the moment and have you get up to clean up. Wether you showered at home or not, it is mandatory to guarantee the upmost freshness. During your shower, make sure to target all of the hot zones where you would want intimate contact. When you come out, you can simply be in your towel, or anything else that makes you comfortable.


- The Catching Up -

When you come out of the shower, I offer refreshments and we sit down on the couch, this give us the change to their catch up from last time or learn more about each other. Letting the nerves go and feeling more at ease starts with talking. I love to learn about you, your passions, your hobbies and especially what turns you on and the different things you like to do in bed.


- The Action -

At some point, the chemistry will have taken up all of the room and we will find ourselves lost in each other's arms. Before doing anything to you, I ask, consent is very sexy. I would love to have the same. My main big restrictions are around anal penetration (on me) and unprotected penetration/touching of private parts. I only will let you know once if you try to cross these boundaries. If you try again, the session stops right there, with no refund and you will be asked to leave.


- The After Care -

We talk a lot about foreplay and getting ready for spicy time. Well aftercare is the same thing but for the after. Our session could have awaken a lot of emotions and sensations (energized, vulnerable, ecstatic and more) and it is important that we both cool down from them and take the time to come back to earth from our little out of world experience :) You probably will not even realize that we are doing it, since I won't anounce it, it all happens cuddling in bed after.

Once we are fully done, you are more than welcome to take a shower before you are off on your way to having a brighter day.

Keep in mind that every encounter is different, but this is to give you a general idea of the flow of most encounters. Of course, longer dates than 2HR will have a very different structure since we will probably go and do an activity. All of which we can discuss when we schedule it.

โœจI can't wait to taste youโœจ

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