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Our First Time …

Isn’t it exciting the first time that you finally have the courage to make the first move? Did you hold your breath before clicking on send?

I know that on my side. When I see the notification of your email that just came in, my heart stops for a second, the anticipation is palpable, really. I truly wonder what kind of message I am receiving. Is this the first exchange of a few that will lead to a mind blowing orgasm? Or maybe many...

Your first message really tells me a lot about who you might be and if I can imagine myself having a good time with you. Like we all know, first impressions matter, especially when I can’t see you and don’t know you yet. What truly turns me on, is a man with a plan, someone who knows what he wants, for how long and when. When I read your message with a short intro and these key information, a slight playful devilish smile is painted across my face.

What happens after that first message though? What’s next? Well for me to put our date in my calendar, I need to confirm the date time and duration with the deposit. As soon as it is received and accepted, our date is secured and you only need to bring the remaining balance in person when I see you.

Ok, now our date is scheduled and confirm, what happens between now and our date? Well, that’s the part that isn’t the most fun, we wait patiently for the time to pass and count the numbers of sleep until D-Day. I will. Contact you the morning of, or the night before to give you the details on how to get to my condo! Let the excitement build up. And we can release all of that together 😈

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