• Raven Onyx

Olivia ~ My new assistant

Great news for you.

I have hired an assistant to help me with all the Raven's administrative part. That means she will take care of my emails, my text message and all the booking process.

Olivia is in the industry for a couple of years now. She will be able to help you and answered all your question. She is dedicated, efficient, and a safe space for everyone. You don't have to worry about the idea of talking with her instead of me.

Talking with her will make everything easier for everyone. It will give me the chance to give more energy in person during my appointment. It will also give me more availability since I won't have to make the administration task anymore.

If we are already lovers, you can still reach me out directly with the same number.

For my new lovers, please pass by the new phone number :

450) 233-9986.

Don't worry. I will still be a part of the messaging and booking process. You can let her know when you want to talk directly with me.

Please, be kind to her ! She can't wait to talk with you.

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