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My secret 🤫

Hello Ass-tronauts, I have a little secret to share with you...

Or maybe it isn’t a secret for you anymore, I talked about this secret of mine on the ”Strictly Anonymous Podcast“ the hostess Kathi asked me a lot of questions about it. So yea, my big secret is that I absolutely genuinely love being a companion, with Kathi we explore my story in this industry, how I got into it, what attracted me to it and everything you maybe curious to know.

I need to apologize in advance to some gents, after listening to the podcast you will find out that I am not exactly just a full time student. I know, I know, but I do still go to school in some capacity ☺️ I hope you could forgive me 😘

If you are a part of my newsletter, you will receive a direct link to the podcast. Get ready to finally know my back story 🚀

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