Interstellar Expedition

Longer Rendez-vous

Our piece of the Galaxy

Let’s create our own world, our own universe. Taking the time to discover and devour the moment. 

These appointments are my personal favorite. Because I finally get you all to myself 😈

Isolation babe

Isolation Babe

Let’s quarantine together for 2 weeks. Are you ready to embark aboard this rocket? Alone in the world but ultimately together, I have so many ideas of what we could do… Waking up, cooking, laughing, playing together. Finding a little bliss. A silver lining in these dark time. 

Before our time together, I will isolate for 14 days and get tested for Covid-19.

During our time together, I will be your babe, and need 7hours of sleep to be full or energy for you.

Investment of 20,000$

Client 6


Sometimes you want to look to the sky and see it change colours from dawn-to-dark. Let's do that and some more together. 

This 24hr date includes our exploring of your wildest fantasies, since we have time for that.

Social time in public is included or we could spend all of our time in your favorite room

Investment of 2,500$

Client 7

Solar Noon

Do you want to get acquainted before a longer date?

This 12 hrs date is perfect to give you more than just a taste and short enough to leave you wanting for more. Social time in public is included or we could spend all our time in your favorite room. 

Investment of 4,000$

Client 5

Fly me to the Moon

Due to my nationality, I am currently available to travel within Canada and to EU nations. 

Fly/Train me to you dates within Canada are a minimum of 2hr

Fly me to you dates in the EU have to be a minimum of 2 days. 

You are expected to cover all transportation and accommodation cost. I will take care of visas when necessary.

Contact me and we will sort something out.

Investment starting at 600$