All About Raven Onyx

The Full Picture

Beauty is everywhere. I see it most in the sky. Forever lost in dreams of unreachable heights and yet a 25 years old child of the world.

Very selective with who I see, I am often told by men that my warm smile, ample curves and silky skin is what attracted them initially. But my decadent appetite for knowledge and pleasure is what kept them yearning for more. I truly appreciate men of a certain age, your expertise earned by experience makes me crave for you. We will break the Space-Time Continuum. Just for a moment, I am your black hole.

I  love poetry and books. I guess that my extensive formal education gave me a taste for it.

Love, sensuality and everything hedonistic is my specialty. These are lost arts, in this time of rushed living. I provide experiences that are out of this world to all ethnicity, all physical abilities and to couples.

Come to my condo in Downtown Montreal or I can come to you . 

Please take a look at my F.A.Q most of the questions you may have are answered there. 

I cannot wait to feel you. xox